Customer Centric : they get it – Virgin Hotels

In my previous post, I tried to illustrate how some hotels (and other service businesses) truly understand what it means to be customer centric and then all the others who really just don’t get it.

Two days after posting that I came across the following video from Virgin – who is now entering the hotel industry.

This is interesting because Virgin has always had a strategy of moving into industries where most of the players just don’t get it… Airlines, trains, banks, phone providers, and now hotels. What it means is that Virgin sees an opportunity to do it much better…there is room for improvement… Check out their website

Virgin Hotels – ‘Brilliant’ Not To Scale New York. from Not To Scale on Vimeo.

We make love and steal hearts. We’re passionate about creating brilliant experiences that make peoples’ lives better. And there’s nothing more honorable than that.


  1. Pierre de Rancourt says

    I would call it “common sense”, but agree there is a large gap to be filled up!

  2. says

    I still spend time on all fours trying to locate a plug for my charger under the desk or behind a cupboard in many hotels. More often i need to unplug the bedside lamp – and as for fast free internet – sometimes, but the good ones are few and far between

  3. Pierre de Rancourt says

    We must be visiting the same ones :-)
    What is strange is that all of us are able to identify failures in our service or good providers (and most of them fail to use our feedback in a proper way), but very few of us – in our own business, are able to actually develop an outside-in approach…