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Get your team or project off to the best possible start.

Peter Block, an author and consultant in the field of organisation development, uses the term "social contracting" to describe building effective relationships and agreements within organisations or communities before engaging in new projects or situations.

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Reflecting on the quality of your work relationships

The quality of our relationships at work is fundamental to our success. The sooner we realise that, the better. But what is the current status of your work relationship? Here is an easy-to-use tool to help you get started on this reflection.


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Complexity Awareness

Complicated and Complex. In our day-to-day lives, we tend to use those two terms interchangeably. When it comes to our leadership challenges, this can be unfortunate.

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Why the quality of your work relationships is so important for your sucess

In the video, I explain how the quality of your relationships at the end of the day shapes the quality of your results.

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The Team V-Model explained

This is possibly the most important tool on my whole website. Study the format, practice and make it part of your way of working with projects and teams – it will change your life – no less.

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The Service Profit Chain explained

This is my foundational course. You will learn exactly what it is that all the best service companies have in common—required learning for any manager in the service industry.


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Above or Below the line - it's your choise

This is a very simple way of examining how our attitude shapes our perception. And consequently why it is so important to be aware of what our attitude is at any give point.

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Drama Triangles  - How to

Great team leaders are not drama queens; by that, I mean that they recognise a drama triangle in development when they see one – and they deal with it. 

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Psychological Saftey, why, what and how

 I will show you the why, what and how of this important concept. Teams with high psychological safety consistently outperform teams with low psychological safety.

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Stages of team development

Teams go through quite well defined stages. Each stage requires a slightly different approach from the team leader.


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Powerful conversations

The quality of our conversations is the key to improving the quality of our relationships.  In this video lesson, I will walk you through what it takes to get better at holding strong, powerful conversations - that also improve your relationships.

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Powerfull or Powerless - it's up to you

In many cultures, 'power' has a negative connotation. But think about it. What it is like to work for a powerless team leader? Learn to understand constructive power.


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The service Profit Chain - answers to your questions

We are all born leaders

Leadership is a learned skill – and its not that hard. Download

Understanding Engagement

In the service industries, job satisfaction is not good enough we need engagement


Exploring Leadership

Are you an inspiring leader to work for?