Are you providing ONLINE OXYGEN?

These days, consumers don’t want online access anywhere/anytime, they absolutely CRAVE it! From airports to living rooms to roof gardens to classrooms to city parks, people go to great lengths to get a dose of what TRENDWATCHING.COM has dubbed ONLINE OXYGEN. Seven years after the first web sites started popping up, and email made its way from science labs to office desks and living rooms, 600 million consumers worldwide are beginning to see online access as an absolute necessity, and there are no signs that the pace of integrating online access into daily life is slowing down.

Some global figures:

Dialing in is out, fast 24/7 access is IN. One third of all American internet users now have access to a broadband connection, a 50% jump compared to last year. In countries like Canada and South Korea, 50% of all internet users enjoy unlimited fast access (source: Pew Internet). In Europe, the number of broadband connections increased 136% over the last 12 months, with Spain, France and the Netherlands leading the pack.

So is your business ready to deal with consumers (and employees!) who thrive on ONLINE OXYGEN? Have you considered partnering in any shape or form with one of the new kids on the block, from cross-media marketing companies to WiFi providers? Have you incorporated the opportunities and threats of broadband, wireless, and the popularity of ‘being digital’ in general, into your marketing, IT and distribution strategies? Have you allocated a suitable percentage of your advertising budget to online advertising, as that’s where the action is? (Online ads total 10 percent of Volvo’s entire marketing budget. And that was last year!).

Time to infuse your strategies and action plans with a blast of fresh air!

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