It’s all about service

Customer service is probably one of the last frontiers of sustainable competitive advantage.
It’s also one of the strongest ways to grow your profits.

Yet many companies still treat it as a cost function.

Often the view is that customer service is something separate – to the extent that there’s even a separate department for it.
In other organisations there’s much talk about the need for customer service, but the underlying understanding is that it’s something someone else, ‘out there’, should be doing.

But that’s not how it works in real life.

When we look at the customer service all-stars* they didn’t become icons of their industry because of a customer service department.

Service is foundational to the way they see themselves.

It is a culture, a way of living and leading that permeates the whole organisation – and the foundation is nearly always the service profit chain.

Not only does this raise the bar for the kind of leadership required, but it also forces us to rethink our end-to-end customer experience, touchpoint by touchpoint.

Depending on where you are in the organization, your perspective and challenges are different.

Here are 3 perspectives you can explore further:

Frontline manager - developing an engaged team

HR manager – the case for strategic HR

CEO/GM – the challenge of successfully orchestrating the total customer experience.

**Customer Service all-stars Include: Disney, South West Airlines, Ritz Carlton Hotels, Harly Davidson, Amazon, Nordstrom, Zappos, etc

Download the slide show

Here is a brief introduction to the concept of the Service Profit Chain in the form of a slide show.

Service Profit Chain explained - get the slide show

Key-note Speaking

Inspirational talks to large audiences on the subjects of:

The Service Profit Chain
Service Design Thinking
Leadership and Organizational Development


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