About Mike Hohnen

Leadership Coach, Facilitator & Professional Speaker

Leadership Coaching

As a coach, I work with both individuals and teams.

I am a great believer in this simple formula:
Potential – interference = performance


I run workshops around themes or subjects such as:

- Service Design Thinking
- Service Profit Chain
- Strategy Development
- Scenario Planning / Future Search
- Performance Improvement

Keynote speaking

I give inspirational talks to large audiences on the subjects of:

- The Service Profit Chain
- Service Design Thinking
- Leadership and Organizational Development

It’s all about service

Customer service is probably one of the last frontiers of sustainable competitive advantage. It’s also one of the strongest ways to grow your profits. Depending on where you are in the organization, your perspective and challenges are different.

The frontline manager

Employee engagement is a challenge for most managers. This is a problem if we’re talking service, because we all know the difference between an engaged service employee … and a person who just happens to have a job.
Developing an engaged team

The HR manager

Not all managers understand how much HR can contribute to their bottom line. So we need to build a case for strategic HR as the key to profits and growth.
So what is the case for strategic HR?

The CEO and General Manager

One of the big challenges in the new service economy is delivering consistently outstanding end-to-end customer experiences. To do this you need a management team who understand what it takes to build a frontline that can deliver outstanding customer experiences every time.
The total customer experience challenge

Explore the core concept

The Service Profit Chain - Three key elements

1. Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction
2. Understanding Value
3. Dream Team Cycle

At a high level, the Service Profit Chain shows a casual relation between the different important aspects and works unfolding all eight steps of the chain. Read more

The service profit chain explained

The core idea behind the service profit chain is that a direct relationship exists between profit, growth, customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, value delivered, employee capability, satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity.

Here is a brief introduction to the concept of the Service Profit Chain in the form of a slide show.

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Converting knowledge to wisdom

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