"Service isn’t something you can turn on and off." — J.W. BILL MARRIOTT JR.

A culture of doing stuff

Dialog drives culture-2

“Only the leader can set the tone of the dialogue in the organization. Dialogue is the core of culture and the basic unit of work. How people talk to each other absolutely determines how well the organization will function. Is the dialogue stilted,politicized, fragmented and but covering ? Or is it candid and reality-based, raising the right questions, debating them, and finding realistic solutions. If it’s the former as it is in all too many companies, reality will never come to the surface.

You cannot have an execution culture without robust dialogue, one that brings reality to the surface through openness, candor and informality.”

Execution, the Discipline of Getting Things Done, Larry Bossidy (CEO Honeywell Int’l) and Ram Charan with Charles Buck.

Without trust no engagement…

Employee engagement seems to be the new buzzword. Everybody understands that it is important but there seems to be quite a lot of confusion about how one gets to full engagement. Each year the Gallup organization pours more oil on that fire … [Continue reading]

A great manager is a rare bird…

According to a recent blog post on HBR Gallup has found that one of the most important decisions companies make is simply whom they name manager. But mostly they get it wrong. In fact, Gallup finds that companies fail to choose the candidate with the … [Continue reading]

How performance recognition impacts employee engagement

How performance recognition impacts innovation and employee engagement from O.C. Tanner … [Continue reading]

Three slides that capture what this is all about

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 10.42.08

In the current isue of HBR theres is a very interesting and inpiring article on Netflix and their HR policy. You can see the full deck here in slideshare There is lot of inspire in stuftt in that deck but three slides realy strauck a cord with … [Continue reading]

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