In this brief course, I show you how to apply the the serive profit chain

First, we will look at why this framework, developed some 20 years ago, is still more relevant than ever.

Next, I will show you why customer loyalty is the key to success and maybe more importantly why satisfaction alone does not cut it.

But we never get even to satisfaction if we do not understand what value means to the customer – so how do customers actually decide for themselves why some services are more valuable to them than others? There is a simple formula for this, that I will share with you – it will change the way you think ‘product development’ in the future

And finally, we will explore how the best service organisations actually go about creating extraordinary value for their customers. Spoiler: it’s all about the dream team.

But what does it take to build a dream team? No worries I will show you that as well.

Ready to dive in?