Growth Workshops: Learn, Discuss, Apply

Join me for free 50-minute session to grow your leadership capacity

These workshops offer a space for leaders to learn and grow together. Here's what to expect:

  • Brief presentation by me on session topic
  • Open discussion on applying insights to current challenges
  • Practical strategies you can use in your work environment
  • Small group setting for meaningful interaction

Workshop Format:

  • Live sessions, not recorded
  • Limited seats to ensure active participation
  • Focus on real-time learning and application

These workshops are designed for leaders who value continuous improvement and collaborative learning.


August 6th - The Foundation of Success: Interpersonal Relationships 

Inspired by Alfred Adler's insight that "all our problems are interpersonal relationships," we'll explore:

  • The critical role of relationship quality in the workplace
  • Practical strategies to improve your professional relationships
  • How better relationships lead to better business outcomes

August 20th - Unleashing Team Potential: The High-Performance Model 

Discover a game-changing framework for team leadership:

  • Learn a simple yet powerful model for team dynamics
  • Understand how to apply this model in various work scenarios
  • Transform your approach to team management and collaboration

September 3rd - Beyond the To-Do List: Balancing Tasks and Relationships 

In our complex work environments, relationship-building is often overlooked. We have a bias toward task orientation. 

We'll discuss:

  • The critical balance between task-focus and relationship-nurturing
  • Why prioritising relationships leads to better long-term results
  • Strategies to incorporate relationship-building into your daily routine

September 17th - Perception and Reality: Shaping Your Work Environment 

Explore how our perceptions shape our work reality:

  • You don't see the world as it is. You see the world as you are
  • How good  team leaders avoid becoming drama queens
  • Powerful or Powerless - it’s your choice

October 8th - Rethinking Motivation: Modern Approaches to Engagement 

Challenge traditional notions of motivation and discover more effective methods:

  • The carrot-and-stick method is not as effective as we think
  • Let’s explore what new research tells us about motivation and engagement
  • What are ways you could apply this to your team

October 22nd -  Understand what really drives your NPS score

There is no loyalty in basic customer satisfaction

  • The carrot-and-stick method is not as effective as we think
  • Understand what new research tells us about motivation and engagement
  • Develop a new framework for inspiring your team