Master the Essentials of Leadership:
From Personal Development to Team Dynamics

Step into the role of an impactful leader with our 'Team Leader's Toolbox' course. This foundational program is tailored for aspiring team leaders and managers, offering a comprehensive guide to the fundamentals of effective leadership. The course covers crucial areas including personal development, motivation techniques, feedback strategies, group dynamics, and teamwork.

Powerful or Powerless

In many cultures, 'power' has a negative connotation. But think about it. What it is like to work for a powerless team leader? Learn to understand constructive power.

Feedback and Motivation

Understand the basic elements of motivation and demotivation. Learn to apply the three key drivers of motivation.

Understand how feedback is the foundation for any improvement.

Team development

Teams go through distinct development stages. Once you recognise them, you can manage them. Most team leaders spend their time on the wrong things. Learn how to apply the Team- V model to you leadership 

This will be your learning journey

Module 1: It's All About You

Module 2: Powerful or Powerless

Module 3: Feedback and Motivation

Module 4: Understanding Group Dynamics

Module 5: Team Performance using the Team V-Model

Module 6: Introducing the Toolbox into Your Daily Life

What solution works best for you?

Self Study

149 . 00


At your own pace
  • 39 Video lessons
  • More than  5 hours of learning
  • Reflection exerzises w/ feedback
  • Self assessment

Open Cohort Course

399 . 00

6 week intensive

8-12 participants max
  • Everything Self Study plus..
  • Group Coaching sessions
  • Weekly assignments
  • Feedback on asignments
  • Weekly Q & A w/ Mike

One on One coaching

1999 . 00

12 Week intensive

Total immersion: Tutoring, feedback and personalized  follow up
  • Every thing in Self Study +
  • 8 one on one coaching sessions
  • Feedback on asignments

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, of course, if you are not happy with the course , I offer a full refund - no questions asked within the first 4 weeks of signing up.

How do the coaching sessions work?

You will receive a link to my booking calendar and can book your session as it works best for you. Each session is +/- 60 minutes.

How often do you run Open Cohorts?

Open Cohort Courses are offered 3-4 times a year with a maximum of 8-12 participants per session.

What if I miss a group session?

All cohort sessions, workshops and Q&A's are recorded. watch or rewatch whenever you like.

Can we organise an in company group?

Yes, no problem just get in touch with me and we can tailor that exactly to your needs

Can I upgrade?

Yes, of course, when you have worked a bit with the self-study version, you feel that it would be even better with some tutoring and coaching, you just let me know.

Still have questions?