Download Understanding Engagement
by Mike Hohnen
Understanding Engagement

In this brief e-book, we will look at how the lack of engagement is to a large extent a function of leadership. And that if we really want to change the engagement levels on our teams, we will need to make radical shift in how we understand the world of work.


The shift is all about moving from a transactional mindset to a transformational mindset. We will look into what that means, how it can help you as a manager and why it is so important.

Mike Hohnen
As a leadership coach for the past fifteen years, I have had the chance to work with many managers and listen to their struggles and challenges. And it has become clear to me that across industries and business, leaders tend to face the same challenges of lack of motivation and engagement on their teams.

I hope you will find inspiration in this short e-book and that it will help you become a better leader.
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